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Michigan Online Classroom provides online code update classes for 2008, 2011, and 2014  NEC update requirements.

Our courses are state-approved.  Registration numbers are listed for each class; you can verify our status at the state website.

Meet your electrical code update requirements at your convenience, from your own home or office.  
The self-paced online class lets you sign up anytime, and work at your own pace.  Want to study code for 15 hours straight?  You can do that.   Prefer shorter sessions spread out over a couple months?  That's OK, too. 

The class is online from start to finish.  You review the code updates, take the tests and receive a certificate of completion at your computer.  No code books, no waiting on the mail.  Got questions?  Give us a call or send an email.

We live and work in a small town in Michigan and noticed a need for convenient, affordable update classes for electricians.  
We spent our workdays and weekends travelling and sitting in classrooms, payed expensive fees and decided we could offer a better service.   Five years ago, our $89 dollar code class for the 2008 NEC helped hundreds of electricians, sign specialists and fire alarm specialists meet their state licensing requirements.   Last time around, we cut the price to $79 for the 2011 electrical code. 
Now we're back for the 2014 code, and expanding our service to help electricians in other states.  Try us out and see.

To see feedback from our 2008 NEC class, visit our sister site at

  • Available Courses

    2014 NEC for Michigan

    2014  NEC for other states

    Previous courses on the 2008 and 2011 NEC are still available
    Verify with your licensing agency whether they will still accept these courses.

  • Update:  yes, classes are still available

    April 3, 2018.    Just a quick update for anyone still looking for a NEC 2014 update course.    Our classes are still online and still being accepted by the State.

    State of Michigan License Renewals

    There's some changes this year on how the State of Michigan is processing electrical license renewals.    Here's my understanding of the process, based on conversations with Electrical and Licensing Divisions.   

    We are not part of the state government, and this is a summary of what we've been told over the phone as of November 2016.
    The state could change this anytime without notifying me.  If you want the official policy straight from the source, please contact the Bureau of Construction Codes.

    • BCC requires a 15-hour (or 8-hour) update course covering the 2014 NEC and Michigan Part 8 rules for renewal at the end of 2016.
    • A company called CE Broker now tracks continuing education on behalf of the State of Michigan.   See electrical division's website HERE.
    • Electrical division still reviews and approves code update classes.  
    • Electrical divison stopped listing approved classes on their website.
      CE Broker lists them at
    • The Michigan renewal application includes a statement where you certify that you have completed an update course and met all other legal requirements to maintain your license.
    • The state will process your renewal based on you signing that statement.  They do not wait on me or another course provider to send your name to CE broker.  So you don't have to wait on me either to finish your renewal.
    • They may contact you later to demand proof of course completion. 
    • This 'honor system' may be temporary as the state continues to phase in their new process.  
    • They may automatically check everyone's course completion status with CE broker after the end of the year.
    • Signing the statement if you have not completed a class may be considered fraud.  The state may revoke a license over it.

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